Shellbark riding tights available

Shellbark Reverse Gear riding tights - front

As our newsletter subscribers will have already heard last month, we are very pleased to add riding tights to our range of lower garments for recumbent riders and hand cyclists.

These nicely complement our regular recumbent shorts (Ironbark, Corkwood and Tupelo), recumbent short liners (Basswood) and overpants (Moonah) – here are our Shellbark Riding Tights.

We have been trying these out for several months to make sure they work for recumbent riding and we are now happy to add them to our store. They are very comfortable in use in less than ideal weather.

Fabric logo - supplexThey are a classic Lycra tight with added DuPont fabric protector to provide some weather protection. They have a silky finish inside and an elasticated waist. They work well over our recumbent short liners, regular recumbent shorts or your own long underwear and there is no pad of any kind in these.

One point to note, though, based on feedback we’ve already received, is that they do sit a little lower at the waist than our shorts.

If you ride your recumbent with a laid back seat and an open hip angle or ride a handcycle, you will like these (for example, I ride a Bacchetta Corsa fairly laid back and love ’em). If your seat is upright and your hip angle is smaller, you might find they feel a little low at the back as the bend at the hips can draw them down.

Seating position, angles and body shape will all come into play, however, and we also like to think we have a very reasonable returns policy if you don’t like the fit!

Shellbark tights - photo in use

Shellbark Riding Tights are available in XS to 2XL.