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The first short liner specifically for recumbent riders.

Now you can ride in your own kind of comfort – wearing whatever shorts or pants you like and still enjoying the benefits of our recumbent designed clothing.

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This is the first bike short liner designed specifically for recumbent riders.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned from our recumbent shorts and put it into underwear. You don’t always want to wear full-on cycling shorts, sometimes you’re just out for a good ride. Our Basswood liners will leave you more comfortable on your recumbent bike in any outer shorts or pants.

Let’s be honest – on short rides you can get away with anything as your lowest layer, pretty much. But if you’re riding for more than an hour, say, or you’re in a hot climate, ‘regular’ underwear can rub and chafe and create sore spots. More than a half-day and you’ll be very uncomfortable when you’re done.

Our recumbent short liners are made of a very comfortable, breathable fabric. Most importantly, they feature our ‘bent linerTM designed specifically for recumbents. Rather than a thick pad running front to back like regular bike shorts and liners, this is a slim wicking fleece that runs up the thighs and across the crotch. It’s where you need it on a recumbent, to prevent chafing and pressure points in the crotch and thighs when cycling without a saddle keeping your legs apart. And while we say ‘fleece’, it’s a soft fleece-like fabric – this isn’t about keeping you warm, it’s soft and comfortable and breathable.

While our Basswood liners enable you to finally spend the day riding in your favourite pair of low-rise baggy cargos (if that’s your thing), we’d still encourage you to avoid bulky rear pockets, chunky waistbands and belts since they’re going to get uncomfortable in a recumbent seat eventually. But other than that, you’re free to ride in anything. Such as our Moonah over-pants or Shellbark riding tights, for example.


  • Breathable stretch fabric,
  • Special Reverse Gear ‘bent linerTM,
  • Proudly made in Canada.

1 review for Basswood – recumbent short liners

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jon Deeks

    Howard Yeomans reviewed the Basswood recumbent short liners in issue 50 of Velo Vision Magazine in 2016. In it, he noted, “…the fabric is flexible and hugs the rider in a way normal underwear cannot…”.

    You can read his full review here:

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