Jon & Gaynor DeeksREVERSE GEAR Inc. was launched in 2008 to address the limitations of wearing regular cycling clothing in a reclined position. We have created custom clothing designed specifically for recumbent riders.

Our gear is different from regular cycle clothing in a number of ways – broader in the shoulders because your arms are in a different position, no tail on the rear of jerseys but pockets on the front where you need them, avoiding seams where they might rub, different construction and materials. We’ve tweaked our products in a whole host of ways to make them as comfortable as possible for recumbent riding and reclined activities.

(If you would like to read a little more about why recumbent clothing is worth it, we’ve written a little more here.)

Tour de France 2013REVERSE GEAR is owned and run by Jon and Gaynor Deeks of London, Ontario, Canada. We’ve ridden all our lives for all sorts of reasons on all sorts of bikes. Currently in the garage we have a dirt jumper, a BMX, an upright hybrid, a unicycle and a recumbent.

We’ve ridden in the UK, Belgium, France, Canada and the US. We rode the last stage of the Tour De France 2013 on an upright tandem (suspected at the time to be the world’s heaviest tandem) the day before the pros came through (so we like to think we finished before them). The tandem also had a basket on the front. We rocked it.

The founding principle behind our gear is that you don’t have to compromise with your clothing when you ride recumbent or reclined. You shouldn’t have to cut the pockets from the rear of a regular jersey, you shouldn’t have to unpick the thick pad from regular shorts. There are numerous reasons you chose to ride a recumbent bike – our products will best suit your needs when riding it.

Maple leaf - made in CanadaAll of our products are proudly made in North America, here in Canada. We firmly believe that we can best secure the quality and design we want through locally made products, which also supports the local manufacturing sector and local economy generally. We pack every item by hand ourselves so that we can be sure of the quality of everything that goes out – no fulfillment, no drop-shipping.

Many of our products are named after Australian and Canadian trees – long-lasting, rugged, ideally adapted to their environment.

We pride ourselves on our customer service – our goal is to exceed your expectations for a quality experience. And if we haven’t – we want to know how to correct it so you will come back.

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