Winter sale!

Stock take - imageOver the holidays, we have completed a stock-take and have been reviewing some of the products that are almost gone, where we’re down to the last few.

As we design and prepare for new additions to our range in the future, we’d love to see some of these wrapped up for the sake of space and organization, to sell out completely and enjoy some sense of satisfaction in shipping out the very last one of a popular item.

So we are further reducing the price of the following for our Winter Sale. Limited sizes only, these are the remainders so snap them up while you still.

Two more things:

* for US shoppers, don’t forget that the Canadian dollar exchange is still pretty favourable for you right now so these will be even bigger bargains (be sure to select US$ as your currency on a product page so that you can see the equivalent price),

* for anyone that buys the very last of any of these, we’ll throw in some special gifts!

Click on the pictures or titles to go to the product pages… [Later: links no longer live]
Sassafras jersey - Blush - small frontSassafras Sleeveless Women’s Jersey

A very nice sleeveless jersey in a true women’s cut with our front pockets and contrasting mesh side panels. We only have Medium and Large, but in all three colours – Blush, Violet and Turquoise Blue.

They are now only CA$32.95 each, meaning a 50% saving on their regular price.
Belah sleeveless jersey - Gold - frontBelah Sleeveless Men’s Jersey

The same kind of sleeveless jersey but in a men’s pattern. We only have three Gold & Navy in Large, that’s all. There are a few in Purple & Black in Medium and Large but only one Small.

They are now only CA$32.95 each, meaning a 50% saving on their regular price.
Boab Yellow - short sleeve cycle jersey - frontBoab classic Men’s Yellow Jersey

The classic yellow jersey in our Boab design, with our signature front pockets and flatlock stitching – all we have left is three in Small. That’s it.

They are now only CA$29.95 each, saving over 50% on their regular price.
Chevron Mesh short sleeve cycle jersey - rearChevron Mesh Men’s Jersey

The Chevron jerseys all follow a similar design, incorporating pockets into the side panels rather than the front as is more usual on our jerseys. This one, the Chevron Mesh, features mesh side panels for improved ventilation. It’s almost gone with only two Small and two Medium remaining.

They are now only CA$29.95 each, saving an enormous 66% on their regular price.