Stock clearance – help us move forward

Blue Ash short sleeve recumbent jersey - side
Blue Ash jersey
Silver Maple long sleeve recumbent men's jersey - front
Silver Maple jersey

Reverse Gear Inc. will turn 10 years old in 2018.

In the last two+ years since we took over, we have brought to market four new recumbent jerseys and one new pair of recumbent shorts:

– first there was our Blue Ash recumbent jersey with reflective sleeve trim;
– next were our Silver Maple and Red Maple long sleeve recumbent jerseys as a whole new pattern for men and women;
– most recently our Tupelo recumbent race jersey with reflective, compression sleeve cuffs and reflective trim and matching recumbent race shorts with compression leg bands.

That’s a lot of commitment for a small business like ours and we’d like to continue that, developing new products that are specifically designed for recumbent riding.

Tupelo recumbent race jersey and shorts
Tupelo jersey & shorts
Red Maple long sleeve recumbent women's jersey - side
Red Maple jersey

We are a small, niche business with a history of innovation, high quality Canadian-made products and a passion for riding recumbent. We have received many testimonials and compliments regarding our customer service and attention to detail from our loyal customer base and we really enjoy engaging with you. We support and attend different cycling events throughout the year, taking part in races and rides and advocating for recumbents whenever we can.

We have a broad range of products that we have been offering for a number of years. That requires stock to be carried, tying up capital so vital to a small business. We would like to rationalize our lines and clear a significant portion of the stock held so that we are able to invest in future products.

Therefore, over the next few weeks we are going to be offering a considerable portion of our product range at stock clearance prices. This is intended to allow us to be more nimble going forward and explore some of our ideas for new products that we would very much like to pursue without over-extending ourselves, by releasing and using the capital tied up in older stock – consider it the start of Reverse Gear 2.0 for the next 10 years.

The products that will be on sale are all new, not seconds. This is a short-term (and likely once-only) project to reduce the stock held, accepting less-than-cost return now to enable new developments and products going forward.

Starting Nov 5, we will begin to offer a number of products at stock clearance prices. Each week we will add additional products for clearance. We intend to offer the vast majority of our range at much reduced prices by the end of the year. We currently plan to start 2018 with renewed vigour and the resources to develop new products, so we do not anticipate this continuing beyond the end of 2017. Once current versions of lines are exhausted, they are gone.

We will obviously continue to offer the staples of our product range alongside any new products – very good long and short sleeve recumbent jerseys and shorts – but they will likely vary more often in design over time.

We will update our website each Sunday evening with the additional items on sale and we will share which products have been added on our Facebook and Instagram pages, too. Our online shop is always up to date – if you can add a garment in your size and colour to your shopping cart, we have it in stock. Once that size and colour is sold, it will be unavailable.

This is going to be an ideal opportunity to secure high quality, well-designed recumbent clothing for friends and family members in time for the approaching holiday season at much reduced prices. We will be packing and shipping with our usual care and attention, we can ship to different addresses and even gift wrap if you wish. We will be happy to exchange for size even during this clearance, for as long as we are able in the product and size you want. Any other stock clearance return during this time will be for store credit only.

Please review our store over the coming weeks, share this news with family members, close friends and anyone else you think will be interested. We really want to continue to develop new products but we can’t do that as a small business without being as lean and light as possible. We have been working on lean for the last two years with significant gains but the weight of stock across our existing product range is considerable. Help us add lightness and take advantage of our stock clearance in the coming weeks.

See what we currently have on clearance here…