Shifting into Overdrive 2017

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Overdrive 2017 is not all that far away now. If you haven’t heard about this event before, it’s a bike race weekend in October at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP, previously known as Mosport) in Bowmanville, just east of Toronto.

Overdrive 2016 - tour de CTMPIt features a number of track and trail races centred around the grand prix track, held over a weekend, for regular on- and off-road bikes and it includes a recumbent-only road race, the Low Rider 50.

The race weekend is October 28 & 29, and we are once again sponsoring the recumbent race on the Sunday morning.

The CTMP venue is really good. If you’re interested in taking part in the racing, riding around this track at pace on a bike is huge fun – it’s an F1 track after all, with banked corners, arches and full pits. But this isn’t all that’s on offer over the weekend as the event centre is a really nice facility.

It is very modern, fully renovated several years ago with two levels, plenty of exhibition space for the vendors (which will include us), full carpeting, showers and a bar with a great balcony that overlooks the track. The team behind the bike race weekend add plenty of food and attention to detail and we really enjoyed last year.

If you’d like to ride the track without the pressure of a ‘race’, there is also an open untimed ride for all bike types on the Sunday afternoon (and last year there was one ‘bent rider who took the opportunity to ride round).

Overdrive - Reverse Gear booth at recumbent race eventWe will be running a booth again this year and will be offering some end-of-season show price specials on our gear, so if you’re looking for clothing for next season, this will be an ideal opportunity. We will also have a raffle for anyone taking part in the Low Rider 50 recumbent race, goody bags for riders and whatever other fun stuff we can come up with!

So, dear recumbent reader, this is a weekend with the potential to become a social event for us as much as a race event. It’s a really nice venue with very welcoming indoor facilities and it features a recumbent race as a highlight, but there will be racing generally to watch throughout the weekend and other vendors to see and talk to. I encourage you to consider attending Overdrive Race & Relay Series this October 28 and 29. The race director, Derrick McKay, has been very supportive of incorporating recumbents into the weekend but realistically it can only remain a part of the weekend if we can show there’s interest.

Overdrive 2016 - at the start lineWe’re not part of the organizing committee or team for Overdrive, we’re just a vendor, sponsor of one of the races during the weekend and race participant. This is a perfect opportunity to build a recumbent-related event in Canada, here in Ontario. It’s probably five hours drive from Detroit, two-ish from Niagara and two-ish from the border with upper NY so it’s well-placed for a weekend visit from the US, too. Consider coming along just to hang out, chat and socialize with other recumbent riders and businesses – but be sure to bring along your bike just in case you’d like to ride the track on the Sunday afternoon.

We wrote about Overdrive last year on a number of occasions – a couple of them are here and here.

Any other recumbent businesses or dealers interested? We’d love to hear from you.

You can see Overdrive’s own website here –

This October 28 & 29 at Overdrive – make it so…