Review of Boab/Baobab Jersey

We love to see what other people think of our Reverse Gear clothing line. This is a review of the Baobab. This jersey has been improved with lower necklines and wider shoulders and renamed the Boab. But what says below is still valid…

Boab jersey in Gold - front
The new re-engineered Boab replaced the original Baobab

When the fine folks who run Reverse Gear sent the pants, they also sent this jersey. In case you didn’t read the pants review, Reverse Gear Clothing is designed for and by recumbent riders, but I thought the pants were great for most riders, and I think this jersey would work for most riders too.

Being made primarily for recumbent riders, gone are the standard triple rear pockets, and instead, there are two pockets on the front that also have zippers! I wish the pockets were a little deeper, but they’re probably perfect for a lot of female riders for sure.

It’s a warm, comfortable jersey made of Quick-Dry: 100% polyester high-performance lightweight fabric with a waffle pattern promoting air flow. Excellent wicking properties, and comes in a variety of colors – if you ride recumbent, or are looking for a different breed of jersey, this is totally worth checking out!

Other features include:
* Short Raglan sleeve
* Slightly tapered fit
* Straight bottom
* 11″ zip front
* Two front zip pockets

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