New events calendar

The long road ahead - photoWe have been running an events calendar for some time now, as an attempt to gather together as many cycling events as possible that are recumbent focused or at least recumbent friendly. It’s nice to have a sense of whether an event you’re considering is likely to include other recumbents, too. Right now we have over 40 events in 2017 and will keep looking for more that might be relevant.

In theory, the content should be the important part, the information being presented, but we weren’t entirely happy with how the calendar tool we were using worked. It was a little clunky and busy, it didn’t always present the events in a pleasing fashion, the mapping feature didn’t work – it just about presented the minimum information but nothing more.

Calendar screenshot - newSo after exploring a few alternative solutions over the last couple months, we’ve chosen and implemented a different calendar tool and it’s awesome!

It’s a much cleaner interface, the ‘find by date or keyword’ navigation is very straightforward and in the month view it presents a summary of each event as a ‘tooltip’ popup! It also looks good on mobile devices just like the rest of our site.

Move through month by month, search for keywords, you can even export for Google Calendar or iCalendar format.

(Is it too nerdy to be excited about this?)

Click here to see our new events calendar!

It’s still under the Blog menu as before.

We hope this is a useful resource for our community of recumbent riders and enthusiasts. There’s never a charge to add an event to the calendar, just let us know. Equally, if you see anything that needs to be changed, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We don’t get anything in return for including events here, there’s no affiliate kick-back or some kind of pay-per-click scheme, it’s just to help you find new events that are welcoming to us lot on the funny bikes…