I rode: Overdrive 2017

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Overdrive 2017 - our banner on display
Overdrive Race & Relay 2017 took place this weekend so I was able to ride at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park grand prix track again.

The original plan for the weekend was that Saturday would feature two official duathlons, of different lengths. The Sunday was intended as a multi-sport day with a whole range of events – road races on the track, trail riding around the property, both on- and off- road running events, as well as the recumbent race. Unfortunately, the registrations for all of the events for the Sunday weren’t sufficient to go ahead and the organizers had to cancel, although registrations for the Saturday duathlons were good.

The director was awesome, however, and found a way to give us recumbents an opportunity to still ride the track on the Saturday – as a ‘demonstration ride’ between the two duathlons.

Overdrive 2017 - group shotThere were four recumbents present riding and hanging out together for the Saturday, and it was quite a range of types present in those four examples.

From right to left, there was a home built leaning front wheel drive delta trike (who rode at the event last year too), a tadpole trike (it didn’t have any labels left on it and I couldn’t decide quite what brand it was), a home built HPV racer based on a Catrike 700 and then my own entirely straightforward Bacchetta Corsa!

The weather was less than ideal, which was a great pity as it had been dry up to only a couple days prior to the event. It wasn’t that cold but it was wet, which impacts the speeds possible on the fast first half of the course. It also meant vision issues for the HPV racer and glasses wearers!

(We didn’t get a good picture of the fourth participant on the track unfortunately!)

It was still a lot of fun to ride the track and we had a good run before the afternoon duathlon. I was happy to have beaten my time for six laps from last year. It was also interesting to watch the duathlons – there were some serious upright bikes present, disk wheels and very aerodynamic frames.

Overdrive 2017 - pits lane in use

Overdrive 2017 - Vendor areaAs last year, the indoor space is really nice at the Events Centre. It’s warm, carpeted and provides great views over the start/finish and first/last corners of the track.

For participants in an event, there are also showers, change rooms and nice food. It really is a pleasurable space to hang out, as we did together.

The organization team, the volunteers and the director did a great job again and I really enjoyed attending.

Overdrive 2017 - a selection of ridesHere’s another picture of the Catrike 700 with shell – “Geezer Powered”!

It was a really interesting vehicle, up from New York State.