Graeme Obree movie – Kickstarter Campaign

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Journey Pictures Ltd has just completed the filming of a documentary covering two years in the life of twice world record holder and twice world champion, cyclist icon Graeme Obree. It began in his kitchen in Saltcoats, Ayrshire in 2011 and… just ended in September 2013 in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Graeme Obree is a very dedicated human powered speed racer.

Journey Pictures is delighted to announce that the KICKSTARTER Campaign for the documentary “THE OUTSIDER: Graeme Obree’s Story” is doing very well. They have already amassed more than £14,000 and 313 backers with only 5 days to go until the deadline. The response is massive and people are definitely interested.

If you would like to contribute, HERE IS THE LINK:
They are trying to raise £20,000 to cover the cost of the editing and the completion of the final big screen version.