Contest: What’s in Your Pockets?

Send us your photos and win a REVERSE GEAR Jersey and 24 bars – see details for submitting below…

Contest - what is in your pocket
REVERSE GEAR pockets hold valuables securely

REVERSE GEAR (RG) is proud of its innovation. We put zippers on both our front and side pockets so that active athletes – especially recumbent and hand cyclists – could securely store and easily reach their food and valuables while continuing down the trails.

We know these zipped pockets are valuable in other sports too. Judi carries three hours worth of food as well as her camera and cell phone when she walks half-marathons.

The zipped pockets are also useful for: walkers, runners, hikers, kayakers, canoeists, cross-country skiers, golfers and wheelchair athletes.

We also know from surveys that more than 60% of recumbent cyclists have lost valuables on the trail. One recent story on Facebook told how a cyclist was going back-and-forth on a muddy trail trying to find lost car keys.

Contest - lots of space in our pockets
Valuables and food stay safe in zipped side pockets of the REVERSE GEAR Chevron

We debated with many people over the past six years of designing about the right size and location of the pockets. So we thought we would share our thinking with you:

  1. RG pockets are zipped so that valuables can be carried securely. And you don’t have to carry a bag or pannier on your cycle – which you must remember to take with you when you get off your cycle.
  2. They are low so that if you are carrying a heap of food and/or electronics, they are sitting comfortably below the belt, and not pressing on your solar plexus. Some pockets are in the side panels so they sit further out of the way.
  3. The pockets, even though they have a zipper sewn-in, are non-chafing because there are no seams on the inside of the jersey to rub or irritate.
  4. We also designed the pockets to be large so that you can carry a lot of stuff without it falling it out.
Contest - how much can you get in the pockets
REVERSE GEAR jerseys hold lots of food for long days

We knew they were LARGE – but we wanted you to see just how large they really are! So we thought we would have a photo contest to demonstrate their value to your riding comfort and enjoyment.

Send your photo(s) and/or description(s) of what you carry in your pockets to contests at 

We will post them on our Blog or Facebook page. We of course prefer photos of REVERSE GEAR pockets, but we will post others too – for comparison.

Every photo entered will give you a chance in a draw on June 15th for a REVERSE GEAR jersey and a box of 24 energy bars.  

24 bars is how many Judi can get in her pockets at one time – along with her cell phone, camera, keys and credit cards of course (you know she won’t need food, but she might need to stop and shop).